This is a personality test to discover which one of "The Few" you are!
Screen_shot_2012-01-18_at_10.33.20_PM.png1: You hear about the SOPA and PIPA protest on Wikipedia. Your immediate response is to:
a) Read all the material you can find on SOPA and PIPA to gain a better understanding of the problem
b) Call or text all of your friends or family to tell them or ask them what is going on
c) You form a petition to try to persuade your local congressman to vote against the bills

Screen_shot_2012-01-18_at_10.35.14_PM.png2: Your webassign is ending in two hours, and you don't know how to solve the last problems. You:
a) Go online and research the type of problem. Even if you don't finish before time is up, you know you'll be better prepared in the future.
b) Go on facebook and beg your friends for advice and answers. After all, your friends and classmates always bail you out.
c) Persuade the teacher to give you an extension.

Screen_shot_2012-01-18_at_10.36.10_PM.png3: You are appointed to lead a community service committee. You're first action would be to:
a) Familiarize yourself with local charitable organizations.
b) Ask your classmates for project ideas.
c) Ally yourself with a local business by convincing them of the benefits of a positive public image.

4: You just bought the shiniest, newest smartphone available. You:iphone-5-prototype.jpg
a) Spend hours with it, learning even the smallest details of the phone's functions.
b) Blog about how awesome it is to your 5,000 followers.
c) Convince all of your friends to buy it, even if they don't want to. They just don't realize that they need it yet.

5: A man of questionable morals approaches you about a "new business opportunity." Your first reaction would be to:
a) Look the man and the business up. A background check should reveal if this is a scam or not.
b) Buy in, and tell all of your friends about the fantastic business opportunity you just invested in.
c) Counteroffer with your own "business opportunity."

Interpreting your results:
-If you picked mostly "a," you are a maven!
-If you picked mostly "b," you are a connector!
-If you picked mostly "c," you are a salesman!
-If you picked inconsistent answers, or had trouble picking answers at all, then sorry, you are not one of "The Few." But do not worry! Most people fall into this category, and are perfectly successful in life. Although you may not be responsible for sparking social epidemics, I am sure that you still have plenty of wonderful contributions to make to the world.